Laying LDF products is easy and quick. The floor must be evened correctly. A primer is painted on it and then the LDF adhesive is spread with a PVC kit spreader with an A1 indentation. If the underlay is glued, the glue is post rolled one more time with a roller. This is to remove the glue gun layers. If the adhesive was applied to the underlay with a glue gun, this also happens with A2 indentation.

After the adhesive bed has become waxy (c. 20 to 30 minutes) the PVC planks can be installed. It may be laid in different patterns. With this installation it is essential that the planks are laid closely together. Any adhesive residue must be removed immediately using alcohol or alkaline water.

When laying the planks respect a distance of 1 mm from the wall and corners. When laying in a new construction it is essentially important that the underlay is allowed to dry for a minimum of 7 to 14 days before placement to prevent any damp remaining in the underlay. Acclimatising the planks and adhesive in the room to be laid for 24 hours at room temperature (min. 16_C), is recommended for optimal laying.


LDF floors are easy to maintain. First cleaning 72 hours after installation. After drying, the floor is ready to use. Loose dirt should be removed using a vacuum or floor wiper. Mop/wash the floor with a well wrung mop (best result is achieved with a wiper system with a microfiber cloth) with a PH-neutral cleaning agent.

An agent may also be used suitable for PVC floors that do not leave a film layer. Water should be cleaned regularly so that no stripes or dirt residue remain. Do not use oily substances or solutions.

Notwithstanding that LDF floors are 100% water resistant cleaning the floor with a dry floor cloth is recommended after cleaning with wet to mop up puddles of water as quickly as possible in order not to load the adhesive anchoring unnecessarily.

Use felt caps for the legs of chairs and other furniture. When positioning furniture, please check that the stands or legs are clean before positioning them to prevent any stains.

Also pay attention when placing heavy furniture that no heavy impressions are made in the plans due to dragging or pushing the furniture.